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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What the critics have to say about Sin at Sea...

From Rose's Book Blog:

I don't think I've ever had so much fun reading a book. I finished this book in one afternoon because quite frankly I just couldn't seem to put it down. This book was about Sin At Sea well I can't wait to see what kind of sin Alysin and Mr. BE get into in Vegas. When I finished this book all I could think of was I WANT MORE, I NEED MORE. This book just didn't satisfy my craving for more of these two and I cannot wait to see where their next adventure will lead them and also see what happens with Jolie. Absolutely brilliant debut book from this author, 5 amazing stars!!!
From Maria's Book Blog:

In my experience reading erotica novels/novellas, they tend to go one of two ways. Either its all sex and no story (which believe it or not can be exhausting), or not enough sex and way too much story. Let's be honest, if you're reading erotica then I think its safe to assume you're in it for more than just the dialogue. Emma Nichols has hit the nail on the head, Sin at Sea is the perfect blend of seriously steamy sex with a heart melting storyline, making it one super sexy, fun beach read.
 From Reading Renee:

YES I totally loved it and although it was a novella, and I knew that, I wanted more. When you have the absolute perfect blend of fun, friendship, reality and romance, you want more. It was a small serving and I want to make the next one super sized. 
 From The Blushing Reader:

This novella was the perfect story to read while sipping an icy, cold drink and sitting outside soaking up the sun; essentially the perfect beach read. (Of course, you can read this inside in the comfort of your home so when you get flustered at the sexy scenes you have air conditioning to cool you down). You get instant sparks and lots of steamy sex but you also get a story of two people who wanted no strings attached finding that maybe, just maybe the strings wouldn't be too bad.
 From Lorraine, a reviewer for I Love Indie Books:

If you are shy or haven't read erotica let this be your introduction to this genre. This is not hard core in your face smut (which I happen to enjoy) but a softer approach to sexual pleasures.
From Liezel Loves Books:

The only thing I hated about this book was it just ended too quickly. I seriously cannot wait for the next book!

Bottom line - this is one short, hot and steamy story. I definitely would add this one to the top of my summer reading list. Perfect read for the beach or the pool (with a frozen margarita). Highly recommend this one.


  1. Good start Emma Nichols! Much success with Sin at Sea, it's a good story line and a good book with likeable characters! Look forward to Vixen in Vegas and bedroom eyes, yum!

  2. I just bought her book but think I am really going to like it!


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