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Sunday, June 30, 2013

So much to celebrate!

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This past week has given me much to celebrate.  

On Monday night I hit the button to publish Sin at Sea, my debut novel.  Then Tuesday all the fun began.  And I swear it's only a matter of time before my head pops off.

There has been much marketing, reaching out to bloggers, offering contests, all of that.  Just when I thought I was cool and collected once more, it was Friday night and the release event.  Three wild and crazy hours of games, fun, and giveaways.  What a great party!

On Saturday, Sin at Sea was in the low 400s on Amazon and ranked #17 in Erotica.  My book was sharing a page with E.L. James and Nicole Edwards and E.L. Montes and so many more big huge names.  It has been an honor and ridiculously exciting.

Now, it's time to say thank you with long as you win them.  

So enter to win this Rafflecopter.  Everyone who donated has something to celebrate.  We know we are fortunate to have such amazing fans.  Thank you for all your support.  Now go win stuff!  

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